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Wow, that's neat! That was my exact reaction when I saw my client's DIY wall art. So smart, decorative and inexpensive! An old book, a cardboard circle and hot glue were all the materials she used to create this fancy wall decoration. Here's a tutorial on how you can create your own:…
Some call it cabin fever, I call it colour deprivation! As winter is holding us in a firm grip, let's lift our spirits by springing into colour, and let's do it pronto, no better time than now. While we're at it, let's also have some fun! That means going beyond the typical addition of accent pillow, colourful throw or bouquet of…
December 22, 2014
´╗┐Oh Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches... A client asked me a few weeks ago what decorations to use for her tree. "Anything that makes you happy and that mean something to you", I replied, knowing the result might look nothing close to a "designer tree", but instead would be very unique and personal. I like…
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Floating dock Nordbeck 
"A floating dock brings a Trout Lake home outside." Read my article in the fall edition of North Bay & Nipissing Good Life  (p.32).

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