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The weather might be dull, but inside it's sure luminous! Lighting is enjoying a revival today as one of the key ways to set a room's style and boost its personality. For contemporary lighting, the trend continues to be "less is more". Geometric shapes are in focus, making many fixtures look more like sculptures than…
The trees are on fire! I hope you had a chance to enjoy them, along with the summery temperatures last weekend. What a colour explosion! And just as the intense fall palette injects energy and life outdoors, it has the same effect if we bring it inside. Of the typical fall hues, orange continues to be a…
September 21, 2014
´╗┐Have you heard? Winners in North Bay is now located in the new strip mall on McKeown Avenue. The brand new facilities of the "find fabulous for less" store are bigger than the old location, but the overall look and feel remain the same. Clothing dominates the product offering. It has a…
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Floating dock Nordbeck 
"A floating dock brings a Trout Lake home outside." Read my article in the fall edition of North Bay & Nipissing Good Life  (p.32).

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